Induchem UK Celebrates F4N Status

Induchem Group is a specialist supplier of process equipment, services and engineered solutions to the nuclear industry along with pharmaceutical, oil & gas, biotechnology and chemical industries across the UK and Ireland.

Over the last 35 years Induchem has grown its offer to incorporate a full range of process valves, automation, control solutions and instrumentation. The Company now offers a full suite of certified service and repair options to ensure the full life cycle potential of the products it supplies.

In 2014 Induchem’s management took the decision to undertake the Nuclear AMRC Fit 4 Nuclear (F4N) program. The program is an initiative which targets companies active in the UK’s nuclear supply chain, and designed to help them compete by reviewing and developing core business areas, thereby raising quality, reducing costs, and developing new capabilities. Induchem is proud to remain the only valve stockist/distributor/service centre to have been awarded F4N status in the UK.

“We completed the initial online registration with what we believed was an accurate indication of where our business was in terms of the core assessment areas in preparation for a formal assessment visit,” says David Carroll, Managing Director, Induchem Group. “The reality was that while we were extremely good in some areas like Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental policies, there was scope for improvement in others like People and Process Excellence.”

“With the help of our assessor we devised an improvement plan which has been integral to our strategic business development. We took on board his comments about visibility and employee engagement and introduced our ViP (Visible Process) Board, which we use to encourage all employees to get involved in reviewing, mapping and revising our business processes. We found this to be extremely beneficial, particularly in respect of manufacturing processes.“

“We used value maps to look at the flow from goods in to despatch with specific focus on the interaction and impact of individual processes. This led to significant reorganisation of the shop floor with manufacturing cells and equipment being relocated and the implementation of process improvement/monitoring.”

“As a SME, we do not have the resources to permit us to operate a multiple-tiered quality system. We set the bar at meeting the requirements of the nuclear industry on the basis that if we can satisfy their expectations, we will satisfy those of other industries. At its core, the nuclear industry emphasises the importance of the final product in terms of quality, validation and certification. This has been proven over the past 12 months across all our core industries, including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology. Having our systems underpinned by the F4N accreditation is a major asset to the Induchem Group.”

The Induchem Group F4N journey resulted in the development and implementation of 24 robust quality processes which capture all key aspects of the business. It was key for us in successfully achieving ISO9001:2008 accreditation under the Induchem Group umbrella with LRQA. Preparation for transition to 9001:2015 is well underway for the Induchem Group putting the Company in a strong position for continued growth and future development.

The Induchem Group’s UK facility is based in Congleton, Cheshire. Induchem UK specialises in stocking and supplying process valves, automation and associated ancillaries. In addition, Induchem UK manufactures lined pipe, fittings and control boxes for the process industry.

Tel: 01260 277 234

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

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