J+J EasyFit Mounting Kits

The J+J electric actuator has been associated with most of the world’s biggest plastic valve brands over the years as the actuator’s plastic housing makes it a perfect partner as it corrosion resistant and light in weight. Actuated plastic valves, or actuators for plastic valves remain a high volume selling product for J+J.

Many of J+J’s customers wanted to take advantage of the features and benefits their J+J electric or CH-air pneumatic actuators offer with either their GF546 or FIP VKD/TKD plastic ball valves but find that they are unable to buy just a valve and actuator mounting kit, or the mounting kit is priced at more than the valve itself.

A regular complaint relating to the kit supplied to mount actuators to the FIP VKD or TKD ball valves is that the internal nut, that locks the two halves together, can grab the stainless securing bolt during assembly and when this occurs, the kit has to be cut off and scrapped.

To satisfy this customer demand, J+J designed and have available from stock, cost effective GRPP Easy Fit mounting kits with either plastic or metal drives, that enables customers to mount the J+J or CH-air actuators to these popular plastic ball valves in sizes from 1/2” to 2”.

The J+J EasyFit mounting kits have two halves that lock together to prevent the possibility of rotating when the actuators are running, and the two halves are locked together with through bolts which eliminates the risk of the kit needing to be cut free should the stainless steel nuts grab the bolts during assembly.

Less common in the UK is the Asahi Type 21 ball valve range, however J+J also have an EasyFit available for these valves should the need arise.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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