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Bestobell Cryogenic Emergency Shut Off Gate Valve

A pioneering range of Pneumatic Actuated Gate Valves, with the sealing performance of a globevalve but the flow characteristics of full bore specification, has been launched by Bestobell. The new tyre-type actuated Emergency Shut Off Gate Valve in sizes DN40 to DN80 is described as a real step forward in cryogenic valve design, and has been developed by Bestobell in response to widespread market demand. It combines the design features that have made the manual gate valve the preferred type for many of the world’s cryogenic road trailers, with the proven advantages of the tyre-type pneumatic actuator. Traditionally globe valves have been favoured by cryogenic storage tank builders and industrial gas companies to ensure tight shut off. Conversely, the gate valve, despite its greater flow capabilities, has been unpopular due to the unreliable sealing capabilities of available products, as well as installation and maintenance issues. However, the unique lapped finish on the Bestobell Gate Valve’s seat means excellent sealing performance comparable to that of a globe valve. Kevin Fretwell, Bestobell Valves’ Technical Director said, ‘We believe this product will become the preferred solution for the emergency shut off valve required on cryogenic road trailers in most countries.’ Proven track record Over the last five years, Bestobell manual gate valves have become the preferred choice of many of the world’s most successful trailer builders. More recently, the Bestobell gate valve is being used with great success in other nontraditional applications, such as top and bottom fill valve duties on trailers, static tanks, as well as LNG satellite plants.

Kevin Fretwell added, ‘This valve has created a real win-win situation for the cryogenics industry. Superior flow rates mean cryogenic trailers can now be filled and emptied at far greater speed, meaning much better utilization of assets. And on the DN50-DN80 sizes, we’ve reduced downtime even further by including in the design a body seat that is removed from the valve body with the headworks. With conventional gate valves, if the critical valve seat-face is damaged the only solution is to cut the valve body from the pipework. But with the Bestobell Gate Valve you simply remove the headworks, replace the seat and re-install - simple, fast and cost effective. For many years the tyre-type pneumatic actuator has been used predominantly by the industry due to its compact and robust design, and clear method of indicating open and close positions. Indeed, many engineers now view it as the industry standard. The Bestobell Cryogenic Emergency Shut Off Gate Valve now includes this design and offers a single convoluted Air Spring Actuator of rubber construction. It also includes a manual override facility fitted as standard. Now for the first time, these two industry-proven solutions have been combined in this Bestobell Cryogenic Gate Valve, ideal for emergency shut off applications. Bestobell Valves is a world leader in the design and manufacture of cryogenic valves, recognised globally for product quality and innovation. Bestobell valves are used with numerous cryogenic liquefied gases including oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and argon.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 2

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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