Flow Control Solutions

Unrivalled solutions from Flowserve’s largest independent distributor in the UK.

You know you’re onto a winner when your distributor-of-choice is chosen by a giant of the industry as their preferred supply channel for their niche products.

This is certainly the case with Flow Control Solutions Ltd (FCS) who are first choice to supply Flowserve’s ‘Worcester Controls’ Cartridge Ball Valve range, and the 22 Series Double Block and Bleed product.

This top-line portfolio was recently further enhanced with the additional award of Flowserve preferred supply channel status for the 5 Series Ball Valves range, flanged and drilled to PN16/40 (to BS 5351).

FCS Operations Director Mike Walshe Flow noted, ‘Flow Control Solutions was formed in 2004, and specialises in the supply of process valves, actuators and controls. Since then, we have developed excellent supply partnerships within the Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Power Generation, Food and Drink, Chemical and Petrochemical markets. The superb relationships that FCS enjoys in meeting the needs of the major companies in these sectors has undoubtedly helped us become the preferred supply channel for these leading niche products too, and we have worked closely with Flowserve to ensure these are available from stock at our operation in Cheshire.’

Mike continued, ‘Stock holding is a key factor for any distributor, but here at FCS we consider it of paramount importance. Stock is so pivotal to what we do and having strong partnership agreements helps us to ensure we profile the correct range, in suitable quantities to ensure our client base is always satisfied. Recent stock increases mean that we can now perform optimally in that regard.’

Building on Success after Success

These latest developments come after a massively busy year for the company. There was an important re-branding of the company, complete with a new company logo. A new web site was also designed and launched, plus all the preparation work required for the increased stock holding. FCS also brought new products to market and added key people to the company’s sales and distribution team.

But it doesn’t stop there! New initiatives for the 2018/19 period include innovative purchasing methods, yet more new products and services, and the additional people necessary to make it happen including developing further FCS’s technical capabilities.

Rob Meli Sales Director concluded, ‘Our core business remains strong and all the signs indicate excellent growth for 2018/19. We are extremely proud of how FCS has developed and of our regular recognition as Flowserve’s “distributor of the year.”’

Tel: 0161 303 9777
Email: sales@flowcontrolsolutions.com
Web: www.flowcontrolsolutions.com

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

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