ASCO/JOUCOMATIC - Expanded Range of High Flow Pilot Valves for Critical Applications

ASCO/JOUCOMATIC has announced that it has expanded the scope of its Series 327 3/2-way pilot valves to include ¼" and ½" high flow (Kv 1.5) versions. The new valves meet the growing demand for direct acting valves with high reliability and low (<10 Watts cold) power consumption. Based on the principle of a balanced poppet type construction, the new valves have the same outstanding reliability as the popular ¼" basic flow models and are ideal for demanding applications in the chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries. The new, multi-purpose pilot valves are suitable for normally open, normally closed and universal operation, and for the selection or diversion of flow. The valves can also be used for 2/2 way operation by closing one of the ports. Suitable for use with air and inert gas, they feature a brass or stainless steel body, stainless steel internals, and are recommended for pilot applications that require high flow, wide pressure ranges and no minimum operating pressure. Typical applications include the control of single acting, spring return actuators driving all kinds of process valves.The 316 stainless steel construction is resistant to highly corrosive atmospheres and special low friction seals and guiding rings eliminate sticking and provide exceptional service life. The core movement is guided to ensure optimum alignment and the special low friction seal provides a balanced operation over a wide temperature and pressure range, at minimum power levels. Series 327 solenoid valves satisfy all relevant EC Directives and are suitable for global use in demanding applications where high reliability is essential. There are no bleed holes or bleed channels which could become blocked by contamination, compromising valve reliability. This makes the Series 327 suitable for critical applications such as Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). The ¼" version has been successfully tested by TÜV and is suitable for use in safety applications up to SIL-4 with PFD < 4x10-7. This is the highest achievable rating. The range comprises Basic flow and High flow models rated from 3.6 watts with a high flow (Kv up to 1.5). They are lightweight and their compact, rectangular shape saves panel space. Integral mounting holes make fixing quick and easy. The ¼” basic flow version with NAMUR pad mount body is available in both aluminium and 316 stainless steel for direct installation on pneumatic actuators. ASCO/JOUCOMATIC can supply a wide range of explosion proof solenoid operators with ATEX approval. Many other approvals are available to meet different standards worldwide including NEMA, UL, CSA, Gost, and NEPSI. International service and support is available through a global network of over 1000 sales offices and distributors

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 2

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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