AVA Actuators Continues its Growth & Development with New Partners around the Globe

AV Actuators has had another year of growth and development of its range of quarter turn electric actuators.

The company has now had success in various countries, some of which were contacts made during the Valve World show where the product was officially launched back in 2016. Following the Valve World show, new distributors have been appointed in countries including South Korea, Russia, USA and Canada, Ireland and Netherlands. In addition to this the AVA electric actuators are being specified up and down the country here in the UK and Ireland.

AVA actuators have solved problems for many customers in various applications, with the most uptake in the product being with OEMs. For years electric actuators haven’t been small enough, quick enough or at a price level that allows them to be sold in volume with the features that the AVA has. With thousands of AVAs now sold around the globe, AVA continues to grow and through its growth will come product development.

AVA will now concentrate on what it believes will complete its range of actuators. Having worked to develop the 60-110Nm series, the next development will be in a 200-400Nm actuator with the same design and features as the 20, 60 and 110. This includes, Smart and Basic series with the Smart series offering our unique OLED screen and menu system, brushless motor and digital encoder control system. Functionality will include on off, failsafe, modulating, speed control, bus communication and wireless control.

In addition to this, AVA are also looking to release their first ATEX approved, EXD Zone 1-2 electric actuator with the 20Nm ATEX actuator to be available Q2 2018. This will be available as on off, failsafe, modulating, BUS and speed control. The biggest demand AVA have had for ATEX approved actuators and will develop the range to have the full range of actuators ATEX approved.

AVA USA has successfully launched in the US and Canada with distribution networks being established and large volume OEM accounts now approving the range of actuators with life cycle testing now completed with various companies around the USA.

Finally, AVA will be building on the success of the Valve World Texas show last year and Dusseldorf 2016 by once again joining the BVAA at the Valve World exhibition this year. Managing Director, Adam Chapman explains why the show has been so important. “Valve World gives us the global exposure that we feel our brand of actuators deserve. We feel the range is unique and not like anything else in the marketplace. All of our customers see the benefit of what the actuators offer and this has led to much interest and discussions with Valve Manufacturers. A lot of plastic valve manufacturers want to work with us for our small compact actuators and we have actuators being tested by manufacturers in Asia, Europe and the USA. We believe this will lead to some very strong relationships moving forward with global brands of valve manufacturers. The shows in Texas and Germany have resulted in new large-scale distributors in the US and Russia.”

Visit www.avactuators.co.uk for all the latest news.

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Email: sales@avactuators.co.uk
Web: www.avactuators.co.uk

Published: 22nd March 2018

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