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Norgrenís passion is to ensure that its customers are successful. By exploiting the potential of motion
and fluid control technologies, Norgren Engineers and Key Account Managers apply their dedicated skillsand resources to fully understand customersí needs and processes so that they can develop smarter, more inventive and more effective solutions. For Norgren customers this means better results, faster/ more efficient machines, improved machine performance, increased reliability/uptime and lower cost of ownership. Norgren is committed to optimising technological performance for its customersí advantage. Within the field of motion control Norgren develops complete solutions for automation applications, and within the field of fluid control Norgren combines the proven brands of Herion, FAS, Buschjost, KIP and Webber to offer extensive solutionsfor the handling of air, water, oil and
other fluids. These range from the ultra fine control of medical dosing valves for a childís respirator to the arduous environment of on-board truck suspension systems.

Within the process control Industry, Norgren has its Watson Smith brand of process control instrumentation solutions. Through this brand Norgren is committed to developing innovative new solutions that engineer advantage for the process industry with solutions that include Field Mount I/P converters for direct control valve actuation, electronic regulators for automated pneumatic systems, Pilot I/Ps for analogue and digital valve positioners and a diverse range of more specialist electro pneumatic converters.

Norgrenís systems are engineered for flexibility based on strong product fundamentals. Application specificsolutions frequently involve integrated or modular combinations of actuator, control valve and air preparation technologies. By leveraging and combining the specific strengths from each of its brands, Norgren can offer the customer a more complete solution.

Norgren has a wealth of understandingand experience in many different industry sectors including Automotive Manufacturing, Commercial Vehicles, Medical Care, PET Bottling, Printing, Packaging and Rail Transportation. Key account managers and sales engineers are focused on developing new generations of platform product as well as design engineering applicationspecific solutions to meet individual customer requirements. With a vast amount of industry experience and applications expertise they are knowledgeable about legislation, standards and specifications. Additionally, Norgren Engineers and Key Account Managers are up to date on the EUís ATEX Directive(94/9/EC) and can offer devices that conform to ATEX such as fluid controlvalves, pressure switches, motion control valves/islands, proportional valves-IP converters, actuators and airline equipment.

With four global technical centers in USA, Germany, UK and most recently in Singapore, Norgren can provide the support and innovation customers need. With established manufacturing facilities in USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, and Spain and with newer facilities in Mexico and the Czech Republic, Norgren has the global manufacturing and support capabilities to be able to cope with the most demanding international projects. Drawing on many years of experience of handling major projects across national boundaries, the companycan harness global resources to match its customersí own operations. With support through an established sales and service network in 75 countries, Norgren has the global reach and capability to ensure continuity of supply and local support where it is needed for customers involved in export markets or multi site operations.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 2

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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