SAFI Show Us Another Solution to Corrosion

Corrosion is a natural process and one of the most evident types is caused by the environment. This break down of material can be caused by something as simple as a saline atmosphere as you would expect at any costal site or a highly corrosive application, such as in a chemical processing plant.

We have all seen examples of fixings; screws, bolts and brackets that quickly perish in such applications, notwithstanding the more serious effects visible on the metal and iron castings of valves, actuators and gearboxes.

Solutions do exist by moving to more exotic materials such as Stainless Steels; 316, Duplex Steels Uranus® B6 (stainless steel 904L) and super alloys such as Hastelloy ® C276, alternatively there are many solutions in paints, epoxy coatings and other similar protective coatings. Neither solution is cheap or full proof. A corroding material is just waiting to fail, causing plant downtime or the risk of serious injury.

But what if there was another way to solve this problem!

Thermoplastics have been proven to be a very effective solution to the often destructive and sometimes catastrophic nature of corrosion, both in the pipeline and the containment of the effects of severe environments.

SAFI is a manufacture of Thermoplastic Valves, being the first company in France to use plastic materials in valves. SAFI listened to its customers and today SAFI offers its clients a corrosion resistant solution, not only for valves and actuators, but now offers a new plastic mounting bracket to fit directly onto their range of 2 way and 3 way ball valves. The new bracket is designed for the smaller range of ball valves DN15-50 respecting the industry standard ISO 5211 and will be able to be retro fitted to a previously manual lever operated ball valve.

Manufactured in Polypropylene with Glass Fibre (PPGF), their extensive research and testing has proven that the plastic version is mechanically stronger than the classical metal box-section used by them in the past, notwithstanding that PPGF is a material very well known to SAFI as having excellent resistance to many corrosive media, while unaffected by UV light.

As part of a mounting kit you will be provided with a plastic bracket, a suitable square drive and fixings; stainless steel 316 as standard. Coupled with a range of actuators and accessories, many of which are in plastic housings, giving the customer an effective solution to corrosion.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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