Bifold AXIS Manifold System Revolutionizes Valve Actuator Control

Bifold Fluidpower, an Oil and Gas market leading manufacturer of stainless steel hydraulic and pneumatic directional control valves and pumps, has launched its
patented system for valve actuator control.

The system enables a colossal 1038 circuit combinations to be created from a limited set of building blocks. The AXIS system is the culmination of 3 years design and development. Utilising Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis and state of the art 3-D modelling techniques, Bifold Fluidpower has created the most cost effective, compact and versatile system for valve actuator control.

The AXIS system reduces leak paths, panel size and weight and offers the most cost effective solution from compact 1/4" through to 1" NPT port sizes.

The options in solenoid explosion protection concepts and certification and the range of manual override mechanisms presented a significant challenge. Bifold Fluidpower has also developed a range of solenoids with a common interface that are suitable for EExia,

EExme and EExd applications. What Wash Down Applications is new is that auto reset, manual reset, manual override, tamper proof manual reset, magnetic latch, screw down override are available. This break-through drastically reduces the number of circuit variants.

The modular manifold part of the system was originally developed tomeet the enhanced safety demands of some circuits philosophies designed to meet safety and reliability requirements of IEC61508 and IEC65011. These more complex circuits require partial stroking of the valve actuator and main valve together with independent testing of the solenoid valves.

The AXIS system takes the logic part of the system vertically off the flow path. With a patented flow diverting system, virtually any circuit control system can be achieved with the manifold design. In addition, since all logic valves are removed from the flow path, the overall system performance is significantly improved.

A previous reluctance by some users to using manifold systems was that lead times could be shorter using individual off the shelf components. This obstacle has been removed since the AXIS system uses standard building block modules and components. In addition, Bifold Fluidpower has invested in what is the world’s most advanced manufacturing facility for stainless steel directional control valves for use in hazardous area and corrosive environments. Short deliveries are now possible for virtually any circuit design.

Bifold Fluidpower now also offers a valve actuator opening and closing time calculation to simplify system analysis and product selection. For details, visit

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 2

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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