“Stronger Together” - Working Via the BVAA Results in Record Orders

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An example of the PDL analysis

Paul Charlton, CEO, PDL Solutions

Gavin Wheeler, Sales Director, Great British Valve Group

Andrew Will, Sales & Marketing, Director, Heap & Partners

David Millar, Managing Director,Heap & Partners
A few issues ago, we covered a story involving our members Heap & Partners, Hobbs Valve and PDL, who, through extensive co-operation and a consortium bid, benefitted from a huge order for all concerned.

BVAA played a major part in that success, and here BVAA’s Director Rob Bartlett introduces the explanation of how it came about…

‘BVAA operates a number of services to members, that steers them quickly to business opportunities.’

‘Business leads come into the Association in a variety of different ways. We operate a “Market Place” service where enquirers can post their needs, and then these get automatically emailed to BVAA Members who have signed up for the service. Signing up is CRITICAL to success. We aim not to fill members Inboxes with unrequested junk, so a member must first register to receive these leads.”

Rob continues, ‘We also have other methods. These include customers and enquirers directly emailing the Association with their RFQ, or indeed we take a phone call and guide the enquirer to the correct company or companies, using their data about company name, brand or product type, and often advising on the correct person to contact within the company.’

‘There is also an autonomous Product Sourcing Service webpage where the customer can quickly and easily find lists of suitable suppliers from the data held on our database. Again, BVAA members have a massive role to play in keeping their data up to date. Finally, we produce bi-weekly Market Intelligence Bulletins – notifications of major projects etc. - where, with a little digging, members can discover opportunities in the more traditional ways.’

How did the Heaps/Hobbs/PDL success come about?
Heap & Partners’ Sales & Marketing Director Andy Will explains, ‘Heap & Partners spotted an enquiry published to all BVAA members via one of the BVAA’s leads services. On studying, we knew immediately that the project was valuable, winnable, but also in need of some expert advice which could potentially save the customer a great deal of money. We knew too that we needed partners we could trust and rely on to fulfil the full order, and that BVAA was the perfect place to find those partners.’

Andy continues, ‘Via the BVAA’s many committees, functions and events, I have come to know and trust many of my British Valve Association colleagues, who had the qualities, products and services we needed to bid, and a consortium was the natural solution.’

Hobbs Valve’s Group Sales Director, Gavin Wheeler, picks up the story, ‘We were delighted to be approached by Andy, and our design team here at Hobbs Valve were well placed to help Heaps and the customer find a better, more cost-effective solution. How effective – try a quarter of the original cost! It was however still the highest value single purchase order received by Hobbs Valve in our thirteen-year history.’

‘Three years of hard work however went into refining the package for the customer. This involved extensive physical testing, sometimes of some unusual parameters, where again we needed some external assistance. We also had a need for FEA and CFD to prove the designs, and again we were able to look to a fellow member for that expertise.’

PDL’s CEO Paul Charlton explains, ‘A relative newcomer to the BVAA at the project’s instigation, we were quickly impressed by the professionalism of the Association and its members, and above all the warm, friendly welcome we received on joining. This allowed us to instantly forge strong relationships with several members. On getting the call, we were delighted to be able lend our expertise to help win the order.’

Heap & Partners’ Managing Director David Millar concluded, ‘Networking with the BVAA membership is invaluable. Not only did we receive this enquiry from the BVAA service but we also managed to help provide the ideal solution for the customer thanks to the close relationships we have built up with our fellow members. As a result, we secured the biggest order in our 150- year history, thanks directly to BVAA membership.’

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 46

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