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Large scale users of fine industrial gases face logistic problems. How do they safely and cost effectively store large, bulky volumes of gas? The answer is; with difficulty. However a growing solution lies in liquefaction, the process of cooling a gas down to cryogenic temperatures, which changes its state to a liquid. Not only does liquefaction substantially reduce the storage volume, but also its pressure, making it easier to store and handle.

Since the launch of its cryogenic range of controls, Bailey-Cash a part of Safety Systems UK has seen a substantial increase in demand.

Amongst many others, fine industrial gases such as Nitrogen and medical gases such as Oxygen can be supplied in their liquefied state. Thermal jacketed storage vessels commonly referred to as "Dewars" safely maintain liquids at cryogenic temperatures. Dewars have inbuilt controls that maintain the gas in its liquid state and allow it to be converted back to a gas when process demand is created.

The Bailey-Cash cryogenic portfolio incorporates pressure build regulators, economiser back-pressure valves, low-temperature cut-off valves and isolating valves. All these products serve a vital role in the Dewars cryogenic control system.For a video and details of these systems and products please contact

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 1

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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