Alcon ‘engineer in’ rapid response times and flexible operation to their new EExd Solenoid valve

The new high-flow / high-speed EExd NAMUR series solenoid valves from Alcon are designed for use in hazardous area / extreme environment applications. Offering universal 5/2 or 3/2 operations in offshore, processing and chemical industries, the series is ideal for piloting single or double actuators on NAMUR solenoid valves. An explosion proof, submersible, water tight and dust tight aluminium body suitable for indoor or outdoor use, along with Nitrile seals, ensures reliable operation while meeting requirements for a wide range of environments.

Alcon Solenoid Valves, a division of International Motion Control, has been designing and engineering solenoid valves for over fifty years. Be it a stand alone valve or bespoke equipment for a customers particular application, Alcon have built up an enviable reputation as a global supplier of high-quality, reliable solenoid valves to a wide range of customers across a multitude of industries.

Alcon NAMUR series solenoid valves are designed for use with actuators controlling butterfly and ball valve systems in hazardous areas found in offshore, paper, recycling, food processing and chemical industries. A solenoid activated spool valve system allows for rapid response times of up to 5 cycles per second, and the duty cycle of the coil has been 100% continuously rated for a multimillion cycle life span.

The ATEX approved EExd hard-anodised IP67 aluminium solenoid enclosures feature two mounting holes and can be rotated through 360O to assist with fitting. Integrated exhaust ports allow users to manually convert from a 5/2 to a 3/2 configuration, as well as enabling variable speed control during 3/2 operation. With a manual override screw for ease of maintenance and repairs, the valves also feature a high flow (Cv = 1.4) design allowing for faster operation with larger valves.

The new valves offer an operating pressure window of between 37 - 150psi (2.5 - 10 bar) and deliver reliable operation in environments where fluid/gas temperatures from -10°C (14°F) up to +80°C (176°F) can be expected. Coil voltage can be DC, 12 or 24v and AC operation is possible with 24, 110, 120, 220, 230v - 50/60Hz voltages.

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