Rotork Master Station launched for increased valve actuator control

The Master Station is capable of operating up to 240 actuators across three field networks for plant optimisation

The Rotork Master Station is available in a hot standby configuration to provide built-in redundancy support

Rotork’s latest generation of its innovative system for controlling and monitoring valve actuators and plant equipment has been launched.

The Rotork Master Station provides a high integrity link between the Distributed Control System and field devices, enabling the control and monitoring of devices including mixers, pumps and transmitters, as well as valves and actuators, through the third party device connection mechanism.

The Rotork Master Station can operate up to 240 actuators across three separate field networks to allow the optimum network to be used in specific plant areas.

As well as being suitable for use in all industries, the Rotork Master Station now supports Modbus® RTU protocol with third party device integration and Pakscan™ Classic, Rotork’s own standard two-wire loop system, which has more than 170,000 existing devices installed in networks around the world.

A large intuitive touch screen user interface and web pages include the same menu structure to provide quick device set up, interrogation and issue resolution. All configuration can be fully carried out using the touch screen or web interface meaning no additional software is required.

The Rotork Master Station includes many other features to enable efficient management of plant assets connected to a network.

Multiple host connectivity is included and multiple databases allow the Rotork Master Station to maximise the efficiency of data transfer, enhancing asset management and predictive maintenance capabilities.

The Rotork Master Station is available with built-in redundancy support through a hot standby configuration. This function allows a replica unit to assume control of the network in the event of an error in the primary unit.

All network communications are also secured with fault tolerance, allowing for plant operation to continue even if a fault occurs.

Through continuously monitoring itself, field networks and field device alarms, the Rotork Master Station is able to alert operators to the exact nature of a fault, should one occur.

Installation is low cost and simple through the use of a single twisted pair cable instead of expensive multicore cabling.

Each wired control loop can operate on lengths up to 20 km without using external repeaters, further reducing labour, installation and commissioning costs.

All wiring is easy to access from the front panels and either 19 inch rack or panel mounting options are available with the Rotork Master Station.

The Rotork Master Station can replace existing Pakscan IIE and P3 Master Station systems without additional alterations to the network or other devices, meaning it can be easily integrated into installations, while all Rotork and third party actuation products are supported.

Tel: 0113 256 7922

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 49

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