HSP Valves – Number One for IMI Maxseal

IC04-PST installed on North Sea platform

IC04-PST installed on North Sea platform

IMI Maxseal Filter Regulator, IC03 and IC04-PST

IMI Maxseal Filter Regulator, IC03 and IC04-PST

HSP Valves has become a world-leading supplier of valves to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries since its formation in 1978. The company’s success is based on its independence, expertise and market leading products.

Over the years, HSP has supported operators and service companies during shutdowns and emergency situations, sourcing replacement valves speedily and accurately. As a result, the company is a trusted partner for energy majors when it comes to maintenance, repair and operations.

One such relationship is with IMI Maxseal Valves and its range of solenoid valves. HSP is the largest stockist of these valves in the world and offers 24-hour fast track shipment to its customers.

The valves are respected worldwide for their high quality, reliability and integrity, having performed in extreme and hazardous environments for the last 50 years.

HSP has been the official IMI Maxseal distributor for more than a decade and holds the largest global inventory of IMI Maxseal products, including the new IC03 hydraulic range and IC04 PST “Partial Stroke Testing” solenoid valves, filter regulators and associated products.

The ICO4-PST is the first fully integrated partial stroke testing solution with the control system built on the market leading IMI Maxseal ICO4 high integrity solenoid valve.

With the lowest safe and dangerous failure rates of any intelligent PST system on the market and providing the highest possible diagnostic coverage, the best possible SIL performance is guaranteed.

The ICO4-PST Smart Solenoid valve is ideal for retrofit applications, and its flexibility means the valve can be easily configured for specific environmental and application requirements.

The pneumatic version of the Maxseal IC03S has long been the preferred choice when a small valve footprint was required, thanks to its dual solenoid application and excellent flow rates that does not require the additional cost of boosters.

The new IC03S Hydraulic SOV is available in pressure ranges up to 700 bar and flow rates up to 90L/pm and is ideal for hazardous area applications.

HSP has increased and expanded its inventory and range of IMI Maxseal solenoid valves adding the new Hydraulic IC03 and IC04-PST to the current extensive range of voltages and pressure ranges including up to 414 bar.

The stock is held in strategically located HSP operations in Aberdeen, Teesside and Dubai, where 24-hour and even same day shipments are available.

Tel: 01635 201 329
Email: sales@hspvalves.com
Web: www.hspvalves.com

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

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