Actuation Valve release fi rst in series range of AV Actuators® brand with the AV-LITE™

Actuation Valve release basic on/off range of AV-LITE™ quarter turn electric valve actuators as part of a wider development of the AV Actuators® brand with further products set to follow later this year.

The initial off ering provides a quarter turn solution for most small bore ball and butterfl y valves with torques available to 40NM.

The robust, engineered nylon unit features a direct mount platform for hassle free and speedy in house actuation with voltages ranging from 110VAC, 230VAC & 24VDC.

The lightweight housing is rated both waterproof and dust proof to IP67 and is resistant to heat, acid and alkali.

An effi cient, compact unit off ers low power consumption combined with an internal overheating protection device as standard and is tested to 80,000 working cycles.

Both the AV-02E & AV-03E models off er constant mechanical and visual position indication at the top of the actuator and can also be wired to a control box for signal feedback.

The AV-LITE™ range of electric actuators come equipped with a manual override device as standard which can be used in the event of a power failure for position adjustment should it be needed without having to remove the actuator from the valve.

Actuation Valve off er the AV-LITE™ as a stand alone unit or as part of an actuated valve package with stocks for various industries and applications.

The AV Actuators® brand and AV-LITE™ has developed over the last 5 years with growing demand for a varied range of both electric and pneumatic actuators from Actuation Valves’ ever increasing customer base.

The AV-LITE™ range is capable of being off ered in large project quantities or single units and is set to shake up the lower torque range of electric actuators currently available on the market.

For far too long users have had to accept over designed products for simple on/off quarter turn solution requirements and this is something that we are excited to change off ering cost savings without a reduction in performance requirements.

All actuators are fully function tested at the factory and also in the UK prior to shipping with operational speeds and position indication feedback.

The AV-LITE™ is not a smart or bluetooth operated/programable actuator and therefore cannot be compromised through wireless technology which is requiring ever increasing security levels.

Whether you know the correct actuator model you are looking for or require help in sizing to suit your valve requirements and applications, Actuation Valve and the AV-LITE™ are here to help make your life a little easier.

Tel: 0151 547 1221

Published: 11th August 2019

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