Score welcomes growing valve industry apprentice numbers

Score’s 2019 intake of Mechanical Engineering apprentices

Conrad Ritchie, Managing Director of Score International (left) with Robert Murdoch, President of Score Valve Services (right) on a recent visit to Houston
A Modern Apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to earn and gain work experience at the same time as progressing through formal qualifications – building a solid foundation for a career in the Valve/Engineering industry.

At the same time the recruitment of trainees is a strong investment for companies that offer guaranteed employment and career progression, retaining the skill and knowledge of those whom they have trained.

Score Group plc recently welcomed its newest apprentice intake to companies based at their Peterhead headquarters and at locations throughout the UK. The company also offers an increasing number of apprenticeship places at locations including Norway, Trinidad, Canada and Australia.

The company offers apprenticeships in a variety of disciplines including business support services but the majority of trainees go on to work in valve technician or engineering-based roles.

This summer alone saw 35 engineering apprentices embark on their training, with an average of 60 new starts beginning apprenticeships in engineering each year.

With the oil and gas industry on the up, apprentice intake numbers in Peterhead are steadily increasing year after year and it’s expected that Score locations throughout the world will follow suit.

Score’s summer intake will now spend their first year building the basic skills required to develop a career in the engineering industry, with the Peterhead intake being based at Peterhead Engineering Development Limited (PEDL), working towards the PEO (Performing Engineering Operations) Level 2 qualification. Following a year at the training centre, the apprentices will begin working within a Score company, continuing their studies as they work.

Generally, apprentices work on a rotation, allowing them to gain experience in a variety of disciplines before agreeing which department they will settle in.

The majority of the trainees then spend the rest of their apprenticeship specialising in valve maintenance and repair.

Score offers its apprentices a job for life, having trained over 1000 young men and women in the 30 plus years that the programme has been running.

Today, hundreds of those who started as apprentices continue to work within the Score Group of companies.

With a multitude of career progression paths available to Score employees, apprentices have travelled the world to work at both onshore locations and offshore platforms in countries including Canada, Australia and the Middle East; climbing the career ladder and going on to become team leaders, managers and directors within the Group of Companies.

Amongst the companies first trainees, who started their apprenticeship in the late 1980’s, are Conrad Ritchie, who has many responsibilities within the organisation as Managing Director of Score International and Chairman of Score Training; Robert Murdoch, President of Score Valve Services in Houston, Texas; and Nelson Ritchie, Managing Director and CEO of Score Group plc.

Score Group plc is looking forward to a bright future, assisted largely by home-grown talent.

The company’s long-term vision is to continue to train and retain skilled valve technicians and engineers, playing its own vital part in strengthening the future of the industry as a whole.

Providing valve supply, maintenance and repair services to the oil and gas, nuclear, marine and petrochemical industries, Score’s technicians operate worldwide.

Their unrelenting focus on quality and the provision of Intelligent Valve Solutions™ ensures Score a place as a market leader in its chosen fields of operation. ‘Trained over 1000 young men and women’

Tel: 01779 480000

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 51

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