Bespoke regulators for gas turbines

As a business we always strive to respond to customers needs in a flexible manner and there are times when standard ‘off-theshelf’ solutions do not fit the bill.

Flexibility in manufacturing provides the ability to deliver customised solutions tailored to the exact project requirements and for a recent marine client, this is exactly what ID Insert Deal Srl were able to deliver.

The client needed pressure regulators to feed natural gas at a given flow rate to ships auxiliary power units (APU’s), in this case gas turbine powered generators.

These are used to provide power for the ship when the main engines are not running or in the event of a fault in the main generator systems.

These APU’s can often be seen operating when ships are docked in port and there is only smoke coming from the smaller exhausts in the main stack.

These regulators needed to have flanged connections but since the position of the regulator was between system elements made to different standards by separate contractors, the flange size and specification needed to be different at each end: 6″ ASME B16.15 150RF and DN125 PN16.

This allows the two systems to be joined at the regulator with no further need for adaptors and also ensures that there is no possible way these or future replacements could be installed in the wrong flow direction.

From the pressure and flow requirements of the turbine, it was determined that an R126 series regulator would have ample flow capacity at the set pressure even though the nominal size is smaller than the pipework to which it would be installed.

The R126 regulator family are available in brass, aluminium and stainless steel constructions and the R2126 aluminium version was selected due to the reduced weight which is advantageous in marine applications rather than the R3126 stainless steel version.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel was not needed in this instance as the installation was in a dry, climate controlled area to protect the turbine systems. This R2126 regulator uses a pilot regulator rather than a spring as this allows more accurate pressure control and further reduces weight over a conventional spring design at this size.

The first batch of 4 regulators were completed and tested prior to shipping and are pictured here before they left the factory.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 51

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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