YPS Langley Valves - Manufacturer for over 45 years

For over 45 years, YPS Langley Valves has been a manufacturer of Nickel Alloy, Duplex and Stainless steel, gate, globe and check valves. We are also a major International Distributor for Velan, Neway, OMB, Bonney Forge plus our own Langley Stainless Steel Valves.

We have recently introduced a ball valve range and a range of valves made from bar to provide customers with a quick turnaround solution.

All of the materials manufactured by YPS Langley Valves are sourced though approved supplies who must comply with our quality procedures based on the British Standards ISO 9001:2015 plus our PED accreditation.

For high integrity valves, approximately 90% of our castings are sourced from UK foundries. The remainder, usually Titanium or zirconium, are sourced from international suppliers. The latest addition to our list of available materials is Nickel Aluminium Bronze.

Our manufacturing portfolio includes gate valves to API 600/ ISO 10434, globe valves to BS1873 T, Y and Angle designs. In our extensive check valve range we provide Swing, Dual Plate, Nozzle, Piston and Ball Check valves to BS1868 or API 600. Also we supply Cryogenic and Bellows sealed valves.

Recently we have added full and reduced bore Floating Ball valves to our range. Many of our valves are specified for extremely corrosive or hazardous service condition therefore we offer materials meetings ASTM E446 levels 3, 2 and 1 depending on the criticality of the intended application.

The standard production sizes for our gate, globe, check and ball valves range from 15mm up to 600 mm. Through Langley we also offer a bespoke service where we can produce customised exotic valves designed to meet clients’ specific requirements.

The synergy between our stocking and manufacturing businesses means shorter lead times for our clients and we are able to despatch products worldwide efficiently once satisfied with the quality and performance of our products.

YPS Langley Valves has established a reputation for stocking one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality Stainless Steel and Duplex valves in Europe. Our range consists of Gate, Globe and Check valves from 15 mm up to 500 mm in a wide range of materials, Pressure Classes and a variety of end connections. All of which are from high quality approved manufacturers used by many leading End users.

Our dual strategy as a Manufacturer and Stockist, allows us to play a major role in resolving urgent maintenance plant breakdown, plus supporting last minute shutdown requirements by our ability to convert a stock valves to meet almost and end user specification worldwide.

Whether a client requires a sophisticated conversion such as cryogenic or Bellows sealed valve to simple part of trim changes, we can facilitate all of these modifications in-house within short timescales and fully tested.

Velan, Neway and OMB have audited and approved YPS Langley Valves as an Approved Workshop for the valves in recognition of the quality of valves we supply.

End users of our products include Shell, BP, Exxon, Mobil, Ineos, Chevron, Sasol and Conco-Philips. We are regularly required to manufacture and despatch products to petrochemical plants oil refineries, power plants (including nuclear) and off-shore operations worldwide including China, Afirca, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

Tel: 0113 256 7725
Email: info@yps-valves.co.uk
Web: www.yps-valves.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 51

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