AUMA UK launches brand new website

It is designed to showcase the work of the UK company, and to act as a secure information and resource portal for accredited technicians, channel partners and framework users.

AUMA’s UK training programme, AUMA Certified Engineering (ACE) trains and accredits technicians in a variety of industries, most notably water and waste water, and is an extension and development of that provision.

Technicians are usually trained to ACE Level 1 or 2, Level 1 being aimed at, for example, employees of valve companies who need how to mount and configure AUMA actuators to add value for their customers, Level 2 for people who need to work on site and understand systems integration and troubleshooting.

ACE Level 3 is reserved for AUMA technical staff and employees of ACE Partner organisations.

For non-registered users, provides news and insights into the British and Irish operation of AUMA, introduces the team and answers a variety of regularly asked questions.

In addition, there are videos and articles covering aspects of the product range and operation, an introduction to and opportunity to apply for ACE training and a geographic search function for site owners to identify ACE resources close to them.

Importantly, also gives site owners the opportunity to confirm the status of any technician visiting site to work on AUMA equipment. Every ACE trained technician approved to work on site (Level 2) carries a card and has a registration number.

Site owners can enter the technician number and see an identification picture and confirmation of the technician’s ACE Tech level and renewal date. That way, they can be sure that the technician working on their AUMA equipment is up to date and properly trained.

Registered users benefit from a wealth of additional information, depending on the type of access they have to the site. ACE technicians can see a separate set of technical answers, including diagrams and specific ‘How-to’ articles.

There is a library of videos demonstrating everything from setting limits to building an A-base and reconfiguring an actuator to take advantage of AUMA’s modular construction.

Customers who manage large Framework agreements will also be able to read and download visit reports, KPI data and documents specific to their Framework, all of which is specific to them and protected by a secure set of permissions. Registered technicians will also be able to directly book onto training courses to upgrade or refresh their accreditations.

As a national subsidiary of a major company, it is of course vital that everything stays in sync with the parent, so product information, wiring diagrams and 3D CAD models, and any other information that is ‘global’ in nature is still based on the parent site, accessible directly or via the ‘Products’ link on

Tel: 01275 871 141

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 51

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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