KT Hydraulics, Complex hydraulic systems for critical applications

Operating globally, KT Hydraulics provides world class bespoke solutions in the engineering of hydraulic systems, from initial design, manufacturing and testing through to installation and expert aftercare.

These applications can be used in the oil, gas, marine, water, nuclear, process plant industries and most importantly the clients required industry. KT Hydraulics offerings are complete engineered projects, starting with specifications required by the client to the delivery and installation with end-user. Every project is in full compliance with API standards and is completely designed for the requirements of the customers, ensuring what is manufactured is done so perfectly around the client.

Part of their vast history, includes the manufacturing of API 614 Lube Oil Systems and API 682 Seal Systems both being a prominent part of the business, however the supply of hydraulic actuators is now becoming a popular product bought and supplied to customers. KT Hydraulics are specialists in the actuator market.

The latest range of hydraulic actuators is the result of over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of such equipment and is the pinnacle of operational capability and power in a highly robust and ultra-compact body.

The actuators manufactured by KT Hydraulics have an abundance of product characteristics, design features and operational capability resulting in their actuators being rivalled by none other in the current market. From the rack and pinion arrangement, single, twin rack and sprint return variants to the maximum working pressure and stroke ranges, the manufactured product is exceptional.

KT Hydraulics are currently undertaking a four-phase actuator project with over 120 actuators being manufactured at KTH, this is the biggest actuator manufacturing cycle KT Hydraulics has ever undertaken at once.

The project includes a range of actuators all designed and manufactured by KT Hydraulics. Some of the actuators being manufactured are, KS100 (Double acting actuator) and KSF100 (Spring return actuator) as well as ROV Interface for the actuator to be attached to, readying for a remote vehicle to attach to the ROV and turn the phase valve on the actuator.

In order to take on this vast project, close working relationships with suppliers is necessary. KT Hydraulics have a special working relationship with Heap and Partners who provide the phase valves the actuators are mounted to.

KTH also call upon their partners from the KTH Engineering Group, KTH Fabrications, to paint all the actuators because KTH Fabrications have a state-of-the-art painting facility with a specialist NACE qualified painter and inspector.

In an industry where reputation is paramount, KTH ensure every project is undertaken with the most rigorous standard of quality, health & safety and experience. The team has an abundance of knowledge and experience and KTH have the ability to call on the resources of the whole KTH Engineering Group making KT Hydraulics the only choice in hydraulics systems.

Tel: 01422 377 474
Email: enquiries@kt-hydraulics.co.uk
Web: www.kthydraulics.com

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