Future Leaders Cohort 4 - Progress

Cohort 4 stretching their acting muscles

Sophie Page from Wartsila Valves and Daniel Clayton from BEL Valves engrossed in applying the Covey Quadrant

Sophie Page from Wartsila Valves winning a contribution to session award presented by BVAA

Dr Martin Haigh

Rob Bartlett presenting Daniel Clayton with a

The Cohort 4 team, BVAA
The current cohort (4) of the BVAA Future Leaders Programme (FLP) have met several times in recent months and continue to progress through the many challenges that the FLP presents.

A valuable addition this year is the formal qualification element, endorsed for the first time by the ILM, and latterly the launch of a new, taxing, end-of-year project. BVAA CEO Rob Bartlett explains:-

‘We are really getting into the meat of the FLP programme at the moment. We had our first autumn session at Rotork Leeds in mid-October.

In addition to the usual product / company information and facility tour, delegates received some very interesting lectures on change management, Retrofit Engineering – incorporating a real-design exercise - and also Field Service support.

The Personal Development (PD) Day with Dr Martin Haigh MBE this time focussed on Time & Life Management, a core skill of every good manager.

Even an old codger like me continues to learn some valuable lessons in these sessions, and I am a recent convert to the Covey Quadrant prioritisation app on my phone.’

The November session was held at BEL Valves in Newcastle. ‘This is a favourite session of mine.’ continues Rob. ‘The sheer size and complexity of the BEL Valves offer makes it particularly interesting.

Again in addition to the fascinating company introduction, HPHT session and tour of this amazing site, the day featured a valve building session – with a difference.

One group of FLPs assembled a valve with only a GA Drawing for guidance, and then wrote a build-specification for the second group to follow when it was their turn.

The reduction in build-time, with a well-laid out plan, is astonishing, particularly when one considers this is the first time some delegates have got hands-on so closely with real life product.

There was also a tour of the fabulous Tyne Subsea facility nearby. Dr Haigh’s PD day this time focussed on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. A key lesson here is recognising the difference between a manager and a leader, and also learning key influencing and persuasion techniques.’

‘Our most recent session was held recently at HSP Valves, Newbury, which delegates found especially interesting due to the non-manufacturing nature of the business.

In addition to the familiar ‘boiler-plate’ content, it was extremely interesting to learn how the company adds value to the services it offers without the manufacturing process.

These revolved around post-order services that would normally bog-down completion but where HSP’s expertise alleviates the customer of a great deal of hassle (inspection, expediting, engineering and supply chain management).

‘The Art of Certification’ was another really useful session, followed by a facility tour of a nearby 3D printing company, 3T. The PD day this time focussed on an extension of Influencing and Persuasion, plus Negotiation and Conflict Handling – the exercise for which remains, for me as an observer, one of the most entertaining parts of the course, particularly if the ‘win, win, win’ goal is achieved.

Not to mention the techniques are extremely valuable when taken back and applied in the candidate’s workplace.’

Cohort 4 were recently tasked with their end-of-year project, which we anticipate will result in a tremendous resource for all our members – watch this space!

Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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