Another year at QK

‛2020 isn’t only a new year and a new decade it is also QK’s 15th Anniversary.’

In 2019 we thought it would be a great time to have a catch up with customers (see Valve Magazine Issue #51) and show as many customers as possible all the advancements and additional services we now offer.

The physical growth in our facilities and manufacturing capabilities, the off the shelf products we have added to complement our bespoke manufactured components and, just in the last few months of the old year, the addition of Powder Coating to the portfolio.

In March 19 we increased capacity by investing a further £625k in 7 new CNC Machines.

In April 19 we added another 4,000 square feet to the main site to house the additional off the shelf products and create further space for inspection and dispatch.

In October 19 we contracted specialists to have the floors epoxy coated, as part of ongoing H&S Programmes and to enhance the professional image we are already very proud of.

In 2020 we are taking the Group another step forward – ensuring all our current customer base have the information they need to take full advantage of these services – but also reaching out to discover what else those long term associates, and new customers alike, think we should add to improve our overall service even more.

When asked for an analogy of one piece of work from 2019, where he felt the QK Group really delivered, above and beyond what was expected by the customer, Mick Durkin, General Manager at Quickits and a key figure in setting up Premier Powder Coating Ltd, said it was…

“…impossible to choose one as there have been so many. If I had to choose then I would say an extension job where we did around 150 2mtr plus extensions all powder coated, and delivered early, to a very happy customer.”

Forward-looking companies are successful only when the Team knows where the company is headed and want to be fully part of that success.

From experienced Managers like Mick, who have been with the company from the outset a decade and a half ago, and Tim Clark who departed ten years ago only to be drawn back in 2019, to take up the role of Business Development Manager - to Carly Lodge - who has now been with QK for only 4 years but has already been promoted to Operations Manager; where she has built, and continues to develop, a highly efficient and productive team.

Another new entry to the Industry is Emily Hydes, who was recruited by QK only shortly after Carly. Emily has found the environment so conducive to her natural people skills that we had to put her in charge of Sales and Logistics at Laser Ltd.

We would need the rest of the magazine to mention everyone that makes the place hum.

Across the Group the companies and individuals work as dedicated project teams for specialist clients or in any combination to deliver the one stop full range of services our often brilliant Process Industry customers need to grow their own businesses.

2019 was a big year for QK, 2020 will be another – and we want to tell you all about it.

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Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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