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'Butterfly to Gate to Globe to Diaphragm to Control Valves to Pumps to Service.'

KSB Isoria Valve

KSB Sisto Valve
We have supplied generations of customers worldwide with valves, pumps, automation products and services. A company with that kind of experience knows that success is a process based on a stream of innovations. A process made possible by a close working alliance between developer and user between production and practice.

A comprehensive product range, short response times, tailored service and spare parts solutions – no other competitor offers a comparable range of products and services.

In all phases of the product life cycle, we are on hand to ensure that our customers secure long-term value from their systems.

First-class products and excellent service take top priority at KSB. To maintain this level of excellence, we have developed a modern quality management system with globally applicable guidelines.

It is based on the Business Excellence model of the European Foundation for Quality Management, which already ensures improved quality management Europe-wide.

Our guidelines define uniform quality for all KSB locations and have helped us to optimise our manufacturing processes. The results are shorter delivery times and global availability of our products.

These guidelines govern the way we act so comprehensively that even the competence of our consulting and the good value for money we offer are clearly stipulated. Like the ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal, we introduced internal certification as a sign of the highest quality: ‘Made by KSB’

Apart from the KSB umbrella brand, the following brand names identify quality products and services by the KSB Group:

Amri Butterfly valves: Under the AMRI brand, KSB sells its butterfly valves. They are used in building services, industry, water engineering, power generation and Nuclear applications. AMRI products include pneumatic, hydraulic and electric valve actuators as well as control systems.

Sisto Diaphragm valves: Under the SISTO brand, KSB sells its diaphragm valves.

They perform shut-off duties in building services, industrial, water management, power generation and Nuclear applications. Along with range valves for sterile processes including biotech applications. The Sisto valve is a world leader.

As an innovative supplier of valves and pumps, we attach great importance to providing you with a comprehensive service of the highest quality. In fact, we believe it’s so important that we even gave it a special name: KSB SupremeServ.

KSB SupremeServ is on hand to support you with classic and digital service. Spare part solutions over the entire product life cycle. Whether it’s a KSB product, non-KSB product or other rotating equipment, KSB can support you and you’ll benefit from reliable and sustainable operation of your system.

Tel: 01509 231 872
Email: sales@ksb.com
Web: www.ksb.com

Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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