Laser Ltd - cut out for your next job

'If you can dream it - we can make it . as long as its made out of sheet metal up to 20mm thick.'

Control panel plates to prototyping, production run components to custom made parts we are happy to consult on any new or innovative request - or turn around work from your DXF / DWG files.

Our CNC Braking machines allow us to bend sheet metals up to 3 metres in length to a thickness of 20mm, before or after cutting, dependent on design.

While our cutting process of choice is Optical Fibre Laser, which gives us the capability to produce work as fine as anything needed by the Electronics industries; cutting softer metals and alloys without distortion, but also powerful enough for the Mild and Stainless Steels used in the Valve and Process industry - with hardly a step change between jobs.

Whatever the material we can cut anything you need - from simple to the most complex shapes - that need the smoothest edges, or holes so small they could previously only be drilled, all at exceptionally high speeds and accuracy.

The other major benefits of our Cutting system are faster processing times and higher productivity, (2 to 4 times faster than gas Lasers) while using less energy.

This, together with over a decade of involvement in the industry, has proven the reliability of Fibre compared to other systems.

On site collaboration across the Group allows us to go straight from cutting and folding to welding and coating (Laser Limited is on the same site as our sister companies Quickits and Premier Powder Coating), the full service on offer is not only of high quality but also highly efficient, from design to completion to inspection and delivery.

Through Solidworks and our in house developed programs, we can use your DXF / DWG files, or if you prefer, our design engineers can produce working drawings / files from your specifications.

Whether you are a Design Engineer who needs to produce a unique solution, or an organisation looking to consolidate your manufacturing sub contracts (or anything in between) - we know you would benefit from a discussion with Laser Ltd. Laser Ltd - cut out for your next job

Tel: 01623 515 545

Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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