AVA expands range of actuators with new models and features for 2020

Following another successful year in 2019, AV Actuators continue to develop and grow their market share in the electric actuator market, both here in the UK and globally. Throughout the last few years, AVA have continued to reinvest in the product and facilities to cover as many applications and requirements as possible. AVA identified that the two types of customers are OEM and distribution with the AVA particularly well suited to OEM clients.

The range is now being updated to look at what the distributor needs from the actuators, whilst also expanding on the offering to be even more attractive to the OEM clients that AVA have been so successful with.

In terms of new features, the LED status light is being rolled out across the range to cover 20Nm through to 400Nm. The LED will give increased local visibility to the actuator status in addition to the hugely popular OLED screen that the Smart series have. The new 200-400Nm series will introduce new features including Bluetooth connectivity, remote diagnostic capability and plug play failsafe, modulating and BUS modules. Features which will then be made available to the other models in the range.

The team are also looking at expanding on the multi voltage offering to cover as many options in as fewer models as possible. Finally, an app is being developed for the setup and diagnostics of the actuators, a natural progression for the smart actuators that already have onboard firmware, allowing setup and customisation of the actuators function, including local control as standard.

In addition to the new 200-400Nm actuator, which will replace the current series of 200-400Nm, AVA will also launch a new 10Nm actuator series. This series is particularly aimed at the small-bore valves with projects and OEMs being the main target markets. Following a very successful exhibition at Valve World Americas in Houston, USA last summer, AVA have began working with a number of clients for HVAC based OEM projects which will see 1000s of actuators supplied over the next 2 years. AVA’s ability to offer both basic actuators for cost effective electric actuators and customer specific, bespoke solutions to an OEM requirement has seen a wide range of customers secured all over the world.

One example of this being a project that the team are actively working on which will see them develop a 10Nm actuator, with Bluetooth, dewpoint and temperature sensors with Modbus RTU protocol. AVA’s ability to offer bespoke design and manufacturing separates AVA from its competitors and allows them to move into niche applications whilst still having the range to compete for the more common applications.

AVA have also developed their new Multi Turn actuators using their smart actuator range. Offering 20Nm to 110Nm torque outputs and working with some of the leading brands of diaphragm and gate valves, AVA are again able to separate themselves from the crowd.

Using the actuators hi speed capabilities of achieving a quarter turn in 1 second, it allows a single rotation of 4 seconds of 360 degrees. Finally, in 2019 AVA won a Chamber of Commerce Business Award for Most Promising New Business. For all of the latest news, check out the AVA social media channels and their website.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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