Yet More New Members!

Bruce Cooke of Linatex

Ken Hayward of MCE Group plc

Mick Loseby, Steve Pickering and Philip Oldham of Leengate Valves

Allen Bellamy of Apollo Valves receives his plaque.

Geoff O’Donnell of Hertel
The membership of the BVAA continues to grow at an impressive rate... this month’s new recruits include:-

It is essential that Processing industries take a disciplined approach to design and operating practice. Valve operating procedures can be potentially dangerous if executed incorrectly, or in unsafe conditions. The scope for injury and/or damage is also significantly increased when high temperature, high pressure or a toxic/flammable product is present. While good practice begins with good design - both are inevitably hostage to the ‘human factor’. 70% of reported incidents in the Oil and Gas industry worldwide are attributable to human error, accounting for in excess of 90% of the financial loss to the industry.

Modern processes are often highly automated, yet still require human intervention during essential maintenance procedures such as loading or unloading Pig Traps and the changeover of Pressure Relief Valves. Distributed control systems (DCS) cannot effectively regulate such procedures – but Smith Flow Control’s (SFC) mechanical key interlocking system can.

SFC is responsible for introducing the coded-card linear-key concept in a range of modular key-operated interlocks which regulate operator execution of work procedures on any form of host process equipment. These can be used on every form of valve (including motorised and instrument valves) as well as access hatches/doors and electrical isolating switchgear.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 10

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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