Training Report

Karen Webb,
BVAA General Manager

Introduction to Valves training

Martin Greenhalgh delivering

We have always needed a certain amount of agility and flexibility in the delivery of our Training courses, and last year was no exception.

There was a significant shift from our scheduled courses, based here at BVAA HQ, to the provision of in-house courses at customersí premises.

The net result, which was rather unexpected in our forecast, was a significant increase in training revenue and consequently, the surplus it generated. A great outcome as this bounty goes a long way to subsidising the Associationís other services.

Even better from a memberís perspective was that a large proportion of that surplus came from EPCs and industry customers, not members themselves! This is a boon both financially and for improving still further our reputation in their scope of influence.

Aberdeen-based courses were also exceptionally busy this year too, and we are, as ever, grateful to Emerson for the kind loan of their amazing facilities.

Logistics for training remain as complex as they ever were, more so now we have more lecturers, some even travelling here regularly from overseas.

We have, as always, been trying to convince members of the benefits of planning their training with us in a structured manner, and certainly some are now doing so, to great effect. We recommend on all BVAA Training Certificates for example that students should refresh their training every three years.

While everyone should have the appropriate level of competence for their job, thereís nothing like putting a recent training certificate in front of a HSE investigating officer, should there have been some form of unfortunate accident at work.

Similarly we have been striving to improve the relevance of the training materiel we have in the BVAA Training suite and which also goes on tour to course hosts.

It is an exceptionally easy, cost-efficient way to improve your brand presence in front of potential customers and have them see the latest innovations to boot. If youíre having a new model done for your own purposes, why not have another made for the BVAA showroom?

For our part we have completely updated our AV equipment in the Peter Churm Technical Centre with a splendid large, portable TV monitor and a new, portable, 80+inch smart board with all the trimmings. More members than ever are catching on to the sense in using a completely free of charge, centrally located meeting room with great facilities and support team.

Itís a great way to recuperate some of your subs compared to the many £000s you might otherwise spend at a hotel or conference facility.

I would like to end by thanking my support team and our amazing team of lecturers, which now includes a new member in Peter Dix, and to ask that members keep the benefits of training very much at the forefront of their minds going forward into 2020.

Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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