ISO/FDIS 22153 Electric actuators for industrial valves - General requirements

What is it?: This document provides basic requirements for electric valve actuators, used for on-off and control valves. It includes guidelines for classification, design, enclosure and corrosion protection, and methods for conformity assessment.

Combinations of electric multi-turn actuators and gearboxes supplied by the actuator manufacturer are within the scope of this document.

This document does not cover solenoid actuators, electro-hydraulic actuators and electric actuators which are integral to the valves.

Why is it important?: This is the document issued for Final Vote and approval to publish of the new ISO for Electric Actuators. The DIS was issued for Public Comment in September
2018. The comments from the DIS were reviewed and the standard updated by ISO TC153 WG1. The standard will be published as an ISO. There is an existing BS EN 15714-2 for Electric Actuators.

Supersedes: This is the draft of a new international standard.

Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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