Advanced Valve Solutions - onsite support

AVS UK Ltd is an established supplier of valves to the UK power generation industry. Our expertise extends beyond that, to include process studies for the life time of your plant. AVS UK Ltd can offer you on site solution maintenance and support on steam/water cycle valves via our approved Service Partner SGS.

This includes:
Leak Detection
Valve condition study
Valve information database creation
Recommendations for repair and replacement
Visual inspection with supporting written report
Single point contact for valve solutions and replacements
Single contractor to encompass all data in one location, making it simple and easy to obtain data
Maintenance strategies to be completed for each valve type, with predictive and preventative maintenance routines in place
Collaboration with your current maintenance contractor
Lifetime of your plant condition monitoring and valve maintenance strategies

Customer Benefit:
Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
Enhanced Condition assessment
Extensive knowledge of the Plant gained
Full Steam/Water Cycle database completed for all valves
Easy repair and replace strategy generated from site visits and data gathering

Solution in practice:
Initial on site survey undertaken by experienced engineers
Repeat Monthly or Quarterly Valve inspections and Report
Data gathering of process conditions
Data Gathering of installed valve information
Fully up to date and live valve database, showing condition, last report, future inspection date and replacement recommended date
Complete report history for all inspected valves
Through inspection and recommendation, the aim is to provide a reliable and available plant to ensure maximum generation

Key Factors:
Valve Design
Valve Specification
Maintenance Routines
Maintenance Strategies
Non Destructive Testing
Soft and Hard Spares
Stock Levels
Service Provider
Root Cause Analysis
Failure Modes

Tel: 01270 586 944

Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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