ISO/DIS 15761 Steel gate, globe and check valves for sizes DN 100 and smaller, for the petroleum and natural gas industries - Draft for Public Comment

What is it?: This document specifies the requirements for a series of compact steel gate, globe, and check valves for petroleum and natural gas industry applications. It is applicable
to valves of nominal sizes DN 8 to DN100, pressure designations PN16 to PN400 and Class 150 to Class 2500.

The document covers valve end flanges in accordance with EN 1092-1 and ASME B16.5 and valve body ends having tapered pipe threads in accordance with ISO 7-1 or ASME B1.20.1. It is applicable to extended body construction in sizes 15 ≤ DN ≤ 50 with pressure designations Class 800 and Class 1500 and to bellows and bellows assembly construction as may be adaptable to gate or globe valves in sizes 8 ≤ DN ≤ 50. It also covered are requirements for bellows stem seal type testing.

Why is it important?: The main changes are the following:
- Clause 2 "Normative references" was updated;
- addition of ASME Class 2500 designation and relevant dimensions ;
- addition of higher PN Class designations, including PN 63, 250 and 400, and relevant dimensions.

Supersedes: Will potentially update the 2002 standard.

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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