Adanac’s 1000th low temperature test

Adanac have recently completed their 1000th low temperature test since they officially began offering cryogenic testing as an in house service in 2003.
Formed in 1987, Adanac have become leaders in the modification and preparation of valves for cryogenic service and for many years made the lonely journey up the A1 to Leeds to the valve testing centre that used to be attached to the university. If you’ve not experienced it, there’s no worse feeling for a valve manufacturer than having to make the return journey with your valve having failed the test. Fortunately that didn’t happen very often. The move to the current premises at Woolpit, Suffolk in 1997 gave the opportunity to introduce purpose built pneumatic testing equipment, mainly for Adanac’s clean room facility. In 2002 this equipment was extended with the addition of cold boxes and mass spectrometer leak detection equipment allowing Adanac to perform in-house pretesting. The first full blown, 3rd party witnessed cryogenic low temperature test at Adanac followed shortly afterwards in 2003.
In 2006 facilities were further extended with the introduction of ATACS (Adanac cryogenic and testing services), a purpose built pneumatic test area incorporating a 2 tonne overhead crane, centralised test operating station with CCTV monitoring of the test bay. Four test stations, two fixed cold boxes, numerous other mobile cold boxes, one of the largest of which allows for imersion of a 24” class 150 gate valve. The ATACS facilty allows Adanac to perform a wide range of pneumatic testing in a safe, professional environment.
In addition to cryogenic and low temperature testing, Adanac offer fugitive emissions testing, multi-operation performance testing, stem and gland packing performance evaluation and other such testing both at ambient and low temperatures. In traditional fashion, Adanac celebrated the 1000th low temperature test with fish’n’chips all round. With the number of fugitive emissions tests current standing at just a little over 400, it won’t be long before there’s another trip to the chippy to celebrate another significant milestone.
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 11

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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