ISO/DIS 5752 Metal valves for use in flanged pipe systems – Face-to-face and centre-to-face dimensions – Draft for public comment

What is it?: This document specifies the basic series of face-to-face (FTF) and centre-to-face (CTF) dimensions for two-way metal valves of the gate, globe, diaphragm, ball, plug, butterfly design types used as isolating and check valves in flanged pipe systems. Each basic series of face-to-face and centre-to-face dimensions may be used as required with flanges of mating dimensions conforming to equivalent EN or ASME flange series.

The range of sizes and pressure designations to be covered by the updated standard is
• DN15 to DN2000
• Class 125 to Class 2500
• PN2.5 to PN400.

Why is it important?: The existing standard is significantly out of date. It is referenced by ISO
product standards. It needs bringing up to date. The UK’s view is that the work in ISO should form the basis of the Revision of EN 558, which CEN TC69/WG1 are working on in parallel. ISO 5752 does not include dimensions for control valves as they are not in the scope of TC153.

Supersedes: This is a revision of the existing international standard. ISO 5752:1982 will be superseded when the updated standard is published.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 53

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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