NEW Fibracon® Detectaflon PTFE – x-ray and metal detectable polymer

The detection of foreign bodies during the processing and packaging of food products plays a fundamental role in ensuring safety and quality.

To help protect against foreign substance contamination, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other contamination sensitive industries use automated detection in their production lines.

While metal detection has traditionally dominated in automated detection, the flexibility and functionality of x-ray detection is driving the inclusion of double detection systems.

Röchling Fibracon Ltd. have responded to the demands of the market by developing a PTFE material that is detectable by both X-ray and Metal Detection equipment.

NEW Fibracon® Detectaflon (PTFE)

• Is identifiable by metal detector scanning equipment
• Is identifiable by x-ray equipment
• Retains key chemical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of Virgin PTFE
• Has a low coefficient of friction
• Is corrosion resistant
• Has excellent resistance to low and high temperatures -200°C up to +250°C
• Is highly resistant to chemicals
• Is dark blue in colour to making it visually detectable
• Approved for contact with food

• Valve Seats
• Chevron Packings
• Thrust washers
• Seals
• Bearings
• Bushes Available as:
• Machined components
• Rods
• Tubes
• Sheet

Food standards approvals
Our raw materials intended for contact with foodstuffs have undergone rigorous testing.
• 10/2011/EC
• FDA Directive 21 CFR 177.550 (fluoropolymers)
• FDA Directive 21 CFR 178.3297 (colourants)

Röchling’s range of metal and x-ray detectable polymers
Röchling also manufacture metal and x-ray detectable PEEK, Acetal and UHMWPE materials.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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