Manual Flow control option available for Bonomiís V-Notch Ball Valves

In addition to widely used electric or pneumatic actuation, Bonomi (UK) Ltd can now offer a manual flow control device for use in conjunction with much of its popular Valpres V-Notch ball valve range.

Whilst many users still elect to use Valbiaís pneumatic or electric actuator with positioner, the new manual, stainless steel device offers an alternative, simply calibrated method, which allows precise and accurate flow control to be achieved. The manual flow control device is compatible with most of Valpresís V-Notch ball valves including 2-piece and 3-piece ball valves, wafer pattern ball valves and split body flanged ball valves of both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel construction.

Equally suitable for liquids and gases, Bonomiís V-Notch solutions make it possible to transform from an on-off ball valve, into a regulation/control one, with flow rate regulation ratios ranging up to 500:1. Excellent versatility means that virtually any customer requirement can be catered for using V-ballís V30-60, V60 and V90 patterns.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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