Advanced Valve Solutions - Blue Light Scanning

Blue Light Scanning
Advanced Valve solutions can offer (through our partners) advanced surface measuring through blue light scanning technology.

This technology allows our customers and suppliers quality assurance, detailed analysis of component failure for investigations and future continuous improvement.

The scanning equipment can be used on site, allowing component scans that can be from a few millimetres, to in excess of 75 meters such as bolts, turbine blades and complete shaft lines.

The AVS Solution
Advanced Valve Solutions can offer a package of dedicated products to identify problems, based on our specific and extensive experience in these types of operating regimes.

With this package in place, it leads to reduced maintenance costs, improved reliability of you existing installation.

With many years of experience and a group of high qualified European manufacturers supporting our performance, we deliver a complete solution.

Through the use of geometric measuring systems, TRITOP optical 3D co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) and advanced topometric sensors (ATOS) extremely high-resolution images are able to be produced.

They can then in turn be exported to other engineering programs and tools.

CMM offers the most accuracy. Using multiple measuring points. The more measuring points applied, the more precise the visual model will be.

The sensors and software are able to create 3D images demonstrating length, internal and external diameters, angles, material depth.

This allows components to be examined for cracks, previous component repairs, or overlaid against component manufacturer’s imaging to identify unwanted stresses, and help prevent future issues.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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