AUMA is the world leader in electric valve actuators and gearboxes, supplying robust, reliable, single and variable speed modular actuators with sophisticated control and connectivity options, backed up with exceptional service support. Rugged and reliable products / Double-sealed actuator housing to protect the electronics / Tough and resilient finish / Powerful / Modular, user-friendly design

Modular design benefits:
Fast-track build-up and supply / Reduce time on site – plug and play / Mount actuators and gearboxes remote from actuator / controls, including underwater / Easy upgrades and retrofit

ACE Technician Scheme
The ACE programme certificates operators for installation and/ or advanced configuration, troubleshooting and repair. Cardcarrying AUMA ACE Technicians can be part of your own organisation or your service partner’s staff, working hand-inhand with AUMA UK’s head office in Bristol. AUMA UK’s website carries an extensive technical support resource including video and step-by step instruction, only accessible by accredited ACE Technicians and Service Partners.

Tel: 01275 871 141

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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