TUV SUD National Engineering Laboratory designing large test facility for the water industry

TUV SUD National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) is currently in the process of designing a very large test facility for the water industry. As part of this project NEL are looking to develop a business case to obtain funding to build the facility. To develop this business case NEL are exploring what other industries might be interested in such a facility, in order to gauge what the potential utilisation may be. One of the applications identified was for testing very large valves for the valve industry.

The test facility base design currently has the ability of connecting pipework up to 1000mm in diameter. It will have a system pressure of approximately 5bar and will be able to flow water at rates up to 800l/s, giving an internal flow velocity of 1m/s in a 1000mm pipe. NEL is currently at the design stage, so if there was a need for higher pressures, higher flows, or larger pipework, this is something that could be modified there was sufficient interest. The intention is to undertake Cv testing, new product development testing, at full scale, therefore meeting TRL level 4/5, etc.

NEL wish to engage with the Valve industry to gauge whether there would be any interest in using such a facility and whether the current design specification meets the industry’s needs. To this end if access to such a test facility would be of interest to you or your company please contact Dr Carl Wordsworth on carl.wordsworth@tuv-sud.co.uk

Tel: 01355 220 222
Email: carl.wordsworth@tuv-sud.co.uk
Web: www.tuv-sud.co.uk/nel

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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