WSG Provalve Demonstrate the Power of Digitalisation

Utilising WSG Asset Integrity Management (AIM) software - WSG Provalve are going digital.

Following successful roll out and development of AIM to add to WSG’s already extensive service line offering, WSG Provalve have taken the step of integrating this solution into their already successful valve repair business.

Implementation of AIM to the WSG Provalve business, enables WSG to offer clients the unique ability to view, log, and track all relevant data attributed to any activity or operation of the valve repair life cycle.

The company has built a well-respected reputation over the last 13 years, exceeding the needs of customers and has remained committed to providing fantastic value at the very highest possible industry standards through the expansion of a highly skilled and dynamic workforce.

This dedicated team enables the delivery of expert repairs with regard to all types of Globe, Control, Safety & Relief and Isolation Valve Products.

AIM already offers WSG client’s full life cycle record keeping across existing WSG service lines on client assets and equipment.

AIM enables WSG and their customers access to real time data which aids transparency and communication between WSG and their clients during engagement.

WSG software has been developed in-house by their own specialist team of industry experts, enabling total control over functionality and customisation, allowing WSG to listen and adapt to client requirements.

Each valve, actuator, gearbox or control system that comes to WSG Provalve or is serviced on-site is logged into AIM and given a unique ID number.

WSG apply a unique identity tag containing a QR code which can be scanned by WSG Valve Technicians to immediately display specifications, history, status and inspection frequency.

The ID associated with the valve’s unique number can easily be renewed or replaced if it becomes detached or damaged.

QR coding speeds up reference times and eliminates input errors.

The equipment used is ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 certified, IP65 Dust and watertight and six foot drop resistant.

Suitable for temperatures ranging from -10 to 50°C, the AIM tablet is specially selected for all WSG working environments.

Each WSG Provalve technician now has access to their own device making the seamless transition to a paperless workshop operation now achievable.

WSG Provalve have already transferred existing valve and equipment history to the new AIM database and clients will start to see a change in the way that new information and reporting is delivered to them.

WSG’s ambition is to get one step ahead of the curve and prevent delays and downtime during outages.

Inevitably there are many tasks required in a limited timeframe and now WSG Provalve can survey, store details and log each valve still in situ giving the added bonus of capturing several orientation shots of the equipment for future reference.

When a valve arrives at a WSG Provalve workshop, it is simply scanned and photographed for record keeping, work can commence free of bottle necks and duplication of paperwork tasks.

All documentation such as test certificates, condition and service reports are available to clients in just a few clicks.

Service intervals, reliability and status reports are now state of the art and will continue to improve based on communication and feedback from clients.

WSG Provalve are proud of their record in quality and innovation and continue to work to their goal of being not only the most reliable valve repair specialists but also the most forward thinking.

Tel: 01924 898 250

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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