WSG Provalve: Essential repair services for high specification isolation valves

Ball valves often fail due to damage between the ball and seat interface. As they are an essential component in emergency shut down situations, they are frequently used in oil and gas production, along with situations in other industries where a tight isolation is required. It is therefore critical that ball valves are maintained to the highest standard.

Operating a multidiscipline valve repair, test, and procurement service from their UK headquarters in Normanton, WSG Provalve have built a reputation based on quality of service, overcoming customer challenges and exceeding expectations, to assist their customers hit their operational targets.

WSG Provalve are based in a 3,250 m2 purpose-built valve repair facility which houses both CNC and manual machines, including 3 CNC ball-grinding machines, allowing the grinding of balls from 2” up to 46” (117 cm) in all common materials including exotics and Tungsten Carbide Coatings. Also, within this facility is Hydrostatic, nitrogen submerged and cryogenic, factory acceptance testing (FAT), and helium trace testing which can also be carried out to API standards.

As well as overhaul, test and re-certification of all types of valves, WSG Provalve perform the reclamation of damaged components such as Ball and Seat assemblies and Control Valve trims to very exacting standards, reducing client costs and lead times. They also support several valve manufacturers in the manufacture of high integrity ball and seat assemblies.

Adding transparency to these processes, WSG Provalve have also developed the unique ability to view, log, and track all relevant data attributed to any activity or operation of the valve repair life cycle, through WSG’s Asset Integrity Management system.

The service that WSG Provalve offers, does not end with valve repair, testing and procurement. As part of the Well Services Group, they can offer a true ‘Blind-to-Blind’ valve servicing solution. The integration of joint integrity, on-site machining, nitrogen purging, valve refurbishment and testing (both valve and pipeline), not only saves the customer time and cost, but also provides a more streamlined solution to valve maintenance and plant outages.

Choosing the right valve partner for servicing high integrity pipeline valves, in particular ball valves, large bore isolation valves, control valves and safety relief is critical to the smooth running of any maintenance program. WSG Provalve offer a customer driven and customised service based on years of specialist expertise.

For more information on the services provided by WSG Provalve.

Tel:          01924 898250



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