BVAA: Hot Spot - ISO CD 5115 Part-turn Valve Actuation

What is it?

ISO/CD 5115 "Industrial valves - Part-turn valve actuation" has been issued for comment and ballot by ISO TC 153 WG 16 following approval of the new work item last year. The document provides basic requirements for valve torque in order to size a valve actuator for increased safety and reliability (contact the BVAA for more information regarding this document).

It applies to part-turn actuated valve assemblies comprising valve (e.g. ball valve, butterfly valve, and plug valve), actuator and, when required, an intermediate support supplied as a package. It defines the design considerations necessary for automating valves and the responsibilities to ensure suitable actuator sizing, selection and assembly on the valve. It applies to pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and electric actuators as well as electric actuators coupled to a gearbox, as defined in ISO 5211. Lever or manual gearbox operated valves are excluded.

Why is it Important?

The purpose of this new standard is to enforce good work practices to ensure the reliable operation of automated quarter turn on-off valves over their service life. Owners and operators of industrial plants have long complained about the failure of automated quarter turn valves to open or close on demand, resulting in safety hazards and chemical spills to the environment.

The fundamental of the proposed standard is to agree safety factors to be applied to the manufacturers’ normal as-new breakout and operating torques that will ensure that the valve can be operated successfully in all fluid types and all operating frequencies throughout the service life.

The proposed safety factors vary from 1.04 to 2.4 depending on the nature of the fluid and the time between operations of the valve. These safety factors will be applied to select the actuator torque and they may result in valve shaft sizes having to be increased accordingly. Consequently, it is important that manufacturers and automation specialists participate in developing the standard to ensure that the torque values used are practical and representative of current good sizing practices.

Continuous Improvement

Did we miss anything?

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