PMFC Ltd Providing Engineering Failure Investigation

Polymeric Material Failure Consultants (PMFC) Ltd is an ISO9001:2015 certified consultancy that provides support in the field of engineering failure investigation with core experience in the Oil & Gas sector where advanced polymeric materials are often used at the limits of their capabilities.

Non-metallic material & component failure can often result in dangerous and costly interruptions to industry processes. In the Oil & Gas sector where safety and reliability are paramount, this can include elastomeric and polymeric components used within hoses, valves, pumps, separator vessels, heat exchangers, accumulators, a vast array of downhole tools and other onshore/offshore/subsea drilling and production equipment.

Threats presented by material degradation when exposed to hostile service environments occur to a varying extent across all industries. PMFC can provide an independent failure analysis service to identify the cause(s) of such failure events with a high level of scrutiny being applied to failure events across various industry sectors.

The investigation process requires a combination of materials knowledge, wider engineering understanding and the gathering and critical evaluation of all available forensic evidence through close interaction with the client.

Managing Director Phil Clarke has career experience in material and component testing including environmental exposure, fluid permeation, material compatibility testing, high pressure and high temperature testing (HPHT), multi-phase fluid exposures, bespoke mechanical testing and hydrogen sulphide exposure.

Another area of expertise is joint Industry research study of the functional performance of sealing components when used at extreme low temperatures as well as seal material compatibility in downhole chemical environments.

PMFC is able to provide confirmation of material identification against design specification, to verify the environmental compatibility of materials, to document and characterise the types and extent of damage with evidence being compiled to better understand the influence of service history on functional performance and reliability.

PMFC strives to provide a robust understanding of material & component failure mechanisms to improve the reliability of clients’ hardware and to prevent failure from recurring.

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