Festo: Configurators for Process Valve Units

Fast and Straightforward Engineering

The new process valve configurators from Festo make selecting the optimum solution child’s play.

From manually actuated process valves to fully automated ones, the new configurator for butterfly valve units and ball valve units make it quick and easy for you to find the right solution. Select the key parameters for your application, and you will see the first set of suggestions straight away.

Faster engineering, safe and simple!

A configurator with clear advantages

  • Fast and straightforward project management

Everything is in a single tool, from the product search, configuration, sizing and documentation to ordering and delivering the process valve unit or quarter-turn actuator unit.

You also have the option of submitting bespoke enquiries.

  • Efficient procurement process

Information on pricing and delivery is immediately visible, providing complete transparency and facilitating an efficient procurement process. Order your configuration fully assembled or as individual parts.

  • Perfectly tailored products

The configurator offers components that are perfectly matched to one another and appropriately sized for your specific application.

  • Including system ID and CAD download

Together with the individually proposed solution, the configurator generates a system ID for the complete combination, which you can save for future orders.

You can also download the CAD data for your specific configuration, along with the appropriate documentation.

Choose your configurator and see for yourself!

Configurator for ball valve units

Quickly and easily configure ball valves, whether manually actuated or fully automated, and choose between thread, flange or clamp connection.


Configurator for butterfly valve units

You can easily configure wafer or lug versions of butterfly valves in just a few steps by using the configurator, whether you need manually actuated or fully automated versions.


Configurator for quarter-turn actuator units

Select just an actuator unit without a process valve for automating existing process valves. Simply enter the required parameters in the configurator’s input menu, and the software suggests the right solution for you.


Contact Festo Ltd:
Tel: 0800 626 422
Email: info.gb@festo.com  

Process Automation offer: www.festo.co.uk/papso



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