Hotspot - IOGP JIP33 S-561 Subsea Trees to API Spec 17D User Feedback Review Prior to Revision

What is it?

IOGP JIP33 is requesting user feedback on S-561 Subsea Trees to API Spec 17D. This is the first step in the update and revision process of the current specifications and is a chance for members to comment on how the current specification requirements can be improved in terms of product and overall procurement costs.

Following this user review the 2018 specification documents will be updated in accordance with the minimum set of common specification requirements agreed by the JIP 33 project members.

The purpose of this specification is to define a minimum common set of supplementary requirements for the procurement of subsea trees to API 17D, for application in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

The 2018 specifications are available for review with a closing date of 24th October 2021.

Copies can be downloaded from the IOGP JIP33 website at:

Instructions on providing feedback using the JAMA system can be found on the JIP33 Specification Development page: Specification development - JIP33 (

Why is it Important?

The specification is important because it includes supplementary requirements for valves installed on subsea trees that will be adopted by 12 of the major subsea operators in the oil and gas industry.

It is written as an overlay to API 17D following the same structure as the parent standard and includes requirements for valves, valve blocks and valve actuators, chokes and choke actuators, bleed, test and isolation valves.

It is important that BVAA members who manufacture these products for use on subsea trees make their comments on these existing 2018 specifications. This will ensure that any issues with the current requirements or proposals for changes are communicated to the project team for consideration at an early stage in the review process.

Did we Miss Anything?

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Please note: this Hotspot is for information purposes and we invite comments from BVAA members only. Please also note that at time of publication ballots may be closed. For more information please contact the Secretariat.

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