Hardide Coatings develops new coating for titanium

Hardide Coatings has made a significant technological breakthrough by successfully developing a new Hardide coating process specifically for titanium. The tungsten carbide-based coatings company has successfully coated its first titanium components for customers in the UK and US, and components manufactured from titanium can now benefit from the unique wear, abrasion and chemical resistant properties of Hardide.

Dr Yuri Zhuk, Technical Director of Hardide said: “Titanium is often used in performance-critical, high load-bearing and weight sensitive environments that are ideally suited to Hardide’s unique combination of properties. However, it is a technically challenging material and suffers from intense galling which limits its use in conjunction with traditional coating methods such as titanium surface oxidising, spray coatings and plating. Coating with Hardide has prevented titanium galling and has shown an excellent load-bearing capacity with an absence of wear, even under high load. Furthermore, Hardide demonstrates strong coating adhesion and doesn’t require grinding to finish. The ability to coat titanium with Hardide will open up a range of new possibilities for engineering design.”

The titanium project has been in research and development for five years but has been fast-tracked over the last twelve months to meet increasing customer demand from the aerospace, defence and Formula 1 industries.

The company is now processing small scale commercial applications for customers in these sectors and plans to treat regular batches of volume parts later this year.

The UK business, Hardide Coatings Ltd., has recently successfully completed stage 1 of the aerospace industry standard AS9100 certification with full certification scheduled for 2009.

Hardide Coatings manufactures and applies tungsten carbide-based coatings to a wide range of engineering components. Its patented technology provides a unique combination of ultra-hardness, toughness, low friction and chemical resistance in one coating. When applied to components, the technology is proven to offer dramatic cost savings through reduced downtime and extended part life. Customers include leading companies operating in oil and gas exploration and production, valve and pumps manufacturing, general engineering and aerospace.

The Group has manufacturing plants located in
Bicester, UK and Houston, Texas, USA.

Hardide plc

Tel: +44 (0) 1869 353 830


Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 10

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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