Bel Valves Subsea Electric Actuation (SEATM)

The pace at which electricity is being adopted as a trusted solution to provide subsea actuation is increasing rapidly. From subsea trees to subsea processing and pumping, it will not be long before all electric solutions for subsea developments will be available to replace traditional electro-hydraulic technology. BEL Valves Subsea Electric Actuator (SEA™) has been developed to plug the gap that exists downstream of the subsea tree, with applications including the manifold, SSIV, HIPPS, PLET’s & PLEM’s. The BEL Valves SEA™ actuator will power linear, quarter turn and stepping applications as required to suit specific valve applications.
As the Upstream Oil & Gas industry looks to develop hydrocarbons in ever more challenging environments, new technologies are playing their part in providing solutions to fields that previously would have been considered uneconomical to develop. With longer tie backs to host platforms and deeper water depths, subsea electric solutions will enable remote hydrocarbons to be exploited safely, with less risk of pollution and at lower cost.
BEL Valves have developed their SEA - actuator range to compliment their existing range of severe service valves requiring both liner and rotary motion to operate.

Key attributes of our SEA - actuator range provide the following benefits:-

Safety - with no hydraulics there is no pressure contained in the actuator system reducing risk of pressure related incidents.

Reliability - simplification of the control umbilical by removing hydraulic lines and the control system by removing the need for DCV’s. High availability through use of redundancy, leading to less downtime. Condition monitoring of potential system faults.

Environment - zero discharge and no requirements for disposal of fluids.

Technical - removal of back pressure in hydraulic line reduces actuator sizing. Reduced pressure compensation volume and greater flexibility when choosing compensation system. Fast closure and response times and better control. Field proven technologies adopted.

Financial - Reduced project costs for a smaller simplified umbilical. Removal of control fluid and lower intervention costs. Reduced SIT and commissioning. Reduced maintenance costs due to no topsides HPU. Less complex equipment both subsea and topsides. Elimination of control fluid management requirements.

The upstream oil & gas industry has been slow in adopting subsea electric actuation technology. One of the reasons for this has been the lack of qualified and field proven equipment. BEL Valves have designed, developed and qualified the SEA - actuator range drawing upon over 25 years of subsea valve/actuator experience. The result is a range of actuators perfectly mated to our proven valve technologies, ready for the next challenge!!!

Bel Valves
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 12

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