AUMA achieves innovation nomination

AUMA’s innovation was recognised by Morgan Est at its second Supply Chain Conference and Awards. Morgan Est, a leading UK provider of infrastructure services across the public and private sector, specialises in the design and delivery of complex engineering projects.

Working in partnership with Morgan Est, AUMA has assisted in actuation installation at a number of WwTW’s. The project nominated for its innovative actuation technology for the 2009 awards was Yorkshire Water’s Esholt scheme.

AUMA’s modular actuator design has assisted both the first phase retrofit and second phase upgrade at Esholt. The adaptable actuation technology has enabled compatibility and interchangeability of actuators across both phases of the project: this has simplified installation, commissioning and the rationalising of spare parts.

Modular AUMA actuators support pioneering eco-mineral plant

AUMA’s adaptable approach to actuation has led to selection of the company’s technology at a pioneering eco-mineral fly ash processing plant. The ground-breaking RockTron technology based near Widnes in the UK at Fiddler’s Ferry is being hailed as a landmark environmental breakthrough.

The new plant, which is still in commissioning, will convert 800,000 tonnes of coal-fired power station waste-ash annually into valuable minerals for a number of manufacturing sectors including cement, automotive and aviation industries. Five valuable minerals will be produced as a result and the need for ash dumping in land-fill sites will be eradicated.

Commenting on the selection of AUMA’s products, John Bance, RockTron’s Director of Operations said "AUMA actuators were selected to control a number of valves that are key to managing the ash processing procedure. New generation Profibus digital technology has been adopted to provide enhanced communication and data management. AUMA’s modular ‘plug and play’ design is also assisting automation of the plant as this ensures easy connection/disconnection of field devices from the bus line."

The range of actuators supplied by AUMA to RockTron for the eco-mineral initiative at Fiddler’s Ferry include modulating duty for control valves and open / close duty for knife gate valve applications.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 12

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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