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Seetru Flanged SRV

Seetru Flanged SRV

Seetru P&T Valves

Seetru P&T Valves

Seetru Same Day Despatch

Seetru Same Day Despatch

Seetru are well known in the safety valve industry, our products have always been widely recognised for their quality and reliability. Over the last few years, we’ve remained committed to developing new products and have also made huge efforts to increase the efficiency of our manufacturing and production processes.


All Seetru safety relief valves offer repeatable bubble-tight sealing performance. Historically, our most popular types of valves have been brass and bronze construction; of which we supply very large volumes annually. Seetru also manufactures safety valves in stainless steel, suitable for many types of industrial applications. Many companies have benefitted from the the broader coverage our range now offers, trusting Seetru to help manage the safety of the pressurised systems and processes.

In November 2021, we released the range of Seetru Flanged Safety Relief Valves. Designed for compressed air and gas, steam or liquid applications, these safety valves boast very highly efficiency and incorporate either metal-to-metal sealing or elastomer sealing for repeatable bubble-tight sealing. These valves are manufactured from stainless steel and offer a wide range of connections, for applications up to 250°C. Manufactured in accordance with a wide range of international standards and approvals.

Visit our website here.

In January of 2022, Seetru released the PW3 Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve. A P&T valve is installed on modern heating boilers, steam boilers, water heaters (and on certain other pressurized or heated tanks and equipment) to release hot water and pressure should the boiler's internal pressure or temperature rise to an unsafe level. The P&T valve is a critical safety component which eliminates the risk of water heaters exploding - In the event that temperature or pressure increases to higher values than the tank was designed to handle.

For more information about Seetru P&T Relief Valves, including technical specifications and discharge capacities, please visit our website here.

In May 2022, Seetru released our New Safety Relief Valve Brochure.  This latest edition contains up-to-date technical information about our entire range of safety valves, relief valves and change-over valves.

You can view or download our new Safety Relief Valve Brochure from our website here.

We also have printed versions available; these are particularly useful for engineers who want to keep technical data on-hand. Please contact Seetru for more information.


Seetru is committed to providing the best and most efficient service.  Many of our customers have increasingly high demands and often select products based on a manufacturers ability to supply their products quickly.

In recent years Seetru has made many improvements to our facility, production processes, and other internal mechanisms which ultimately influence lead-times.  With these improvements, and with continued efforts of our staff, Seetru has been able to offer fast lead-times and quick delivery across our entire range of safety and relief valves.

Our Same-Day-Despatch Service continues to be a lifeline to customers who require safety valves urgently.  We now keep many types of valves in stock, allowing customers to place orders on our website and see them dispatched on the same day.

Order before 2pm Monday-Friday! Visit our website here.

We also offer a Three-Day-Despatch Service, which covers the entire range of valves we manufacture!  Visit our website here.

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