OEM is Expanding, Investing and Growing!

Kevin Aston - Senior Product Manager

Kevin Aston - Senior Product Manager

16 New Brands

16 New Brands


What's been happening at OEM Automatic recently as we strive for a year of growth?

Find out what we've been up to and our plans for the rest of 2022.

Zoedale is now integrated into OEM Automatic!

If you haven't already heard, Zoedale Ltd is now fully integrated into OEM Automatic. This integration gives OEM & Zoedale customers a broader product offering and even more technical support. Read all the details about the integration here.

The Zoedale sales team in Bedford are available to take your calls, enquiries, and offer technical support. We would like to thank all Zoedale customers for their patience during the integration, and we look forward to building great relationships and working with you all.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact your Zoedale sales contact or the team here at OEM Automatic – 0116 284 9900.

As our pressure, level and flow product offering expands, so does our team.

We give Kevin Aston a warm welcome as he joins the Pressure and Flow department as a senior product manager.

A bit about Kevin

  • Spent 22 years in the industrial, HVAC and oil and gas industries in many senior roles
  • Has excellent technical knowledge of industrial applications, solenoid valves, pneumatics, hydraulics, oil and gas and the chemical sector, to name a few

What will Kevin be doing?

Kevin will be working with new and existing suppliers to find solutions for markets such as hydrogen, food and beverage, chemical production, oil and gas, and industrial industries. Kevin will be on hand to offer technical advice to new and existing customers.

'I am delighted to join OEM Automatic and be part of a growing business with a great culture.

I look forward to achieving goals such as developing a strong product portfolio in the interest of customers and becoming the voice of the customer.' – Kevin Aston

Kevin will be responsible for most industrial product ranges from brands such as Emerson Asco and Aventics, Valpes, Bernard Controls and Anderson Negele.

You can email Kevin via email kevin.aston@oem.co.uk or by calling 0116 284 9900.

New pressure and flow brands added

With the integration of Zoedale into OEM Automatic, we are excited to welcome 16 new brands to our pressure, level and flow offering. The Zoedale brands specialise in products suitable for flow control applications, such as solenoid valves and actuated valves.

The capacity of the OEM warehouse increases

Two new Kardex machines have been installed in our warehouse, we now have 8 Kardex vertical storage systems. We have saved space for further stock capacity by investing in additional Kardex machines. Our warehouse is now our largest stock holding, offering 8,500 products from over 100 suppliers.

Plus, our warehouse is expanding!

Growth at OEM means more space is required, so we are starting warehouse expansion this summer! This expansion will give us the capacity to stock many more products.

The 2 new Kardex machines and warehouse extension will lead to:

  • 16,000 storage locations
  • Faster processes
  • Space-saving for enabled growth
  • Wider range and variety of products
  • A seamless process delivers greater service to OEM customers
  • Pick accuracy is 99%

Click here for further information.

Tel No:

0116 284 9900







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