Hardide Coatings secures approval from Flowserve

A new line of coated metal ball and seats

Hardide Coatings’ unique tungsten carbide-based coating has been approved for use on a new line of coated metal ball and seats, and has secured first orders from leading provider of flow control products and services, Flowserve Corporation.

Flowserve has approved Hardide for use on its McCANNA standard metal seated valve applications. The use of Hardide has enabled Flowserve to offer the base metal in 316SS steel for use in severe service applications that require metal to metal seating, including abrasive and slurry applications.

Flowserve will offer Hardide as a standard metal seated option for the McCANNA seal top entry ball valve on ½" to 4" RP/FP, ANSI 150-1500 and cryogenic to 800OF maximum temperature applications. These results follow two years of co-operation between the companies which included extensive engineering design and testing. Hardide is also working with Flowserve on the re-design and testing of two other product lines with results expected within the next three to six months.

Nick King, Hardide Business Development Manager said: “Hardide coated balls and seats were still operational after more than 70,000 cycles in slurry where Stellite failed in 29,000 cycles. This is a prime example where Hardide has worked closely with a customer to engineer and prove a coating solution which gives their product competitive edge both technically and commercially.”
Hardide Coatings manufactures and applies tungsten carbide-based coatings to a wide range of engineering components made from ferrous and nickel-based alloys. Its patented technology provides a unique combination of ultra-hardness, toughness, low friction and chemical resistance in one coating. The technology is proven to offer dramatic cost savings through reduced downtime and extended part life. The coating is particularly suited to oil and gas industry sealing and bearing surface applications. Customers include leading energy services companies, as well as aerospace and other general engineering manufacturers.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 12

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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