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Peter Dix - BVAA’s Principal Technical Consultant and Chief Lecturer

Peter Dix

Peter Dix

About Peter Dix

Peter is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He has over thirty years’ experience in the valve industry, working as a Technical Director and General Manager for some of the industry’s biggest companies, including IMI, Dresser, Tyco, Alco and Kent Introl.

Peter is currently working as a consultant to the valve industry, and as BVAA’s principal technical consultant and chief lecturer. He is also the Chairman of BSI’s technical committees on valves, and the UK’s representative to international trading standards organisations.

He is hugely experienced in the design and manufacture of gate, globe, check, quarter-turn, safety-relief and control valves, and has devised PED compliant systems and worked with the PED since its inception.

Over the years, Peter has travelled to nearly every continent in the world, helping customers and working on end-user installations and new construction projects.

Peter has found his career hugely rewarding and comments, “The world relies on industrial valves to improve the environment we all live in, and during my travels to China, the Middle East, South America and Africa, I have seen economies develop and people’s standard of living and working life significantly improve because of the presence of a new process plant, or new oil and gas ventures”.

“It’s exciting to see how the industry responds and finds solutions to modern day challenges, such as the renewables industries, and it is vital that companies invest in continuous professional development to help their staff meet those challenges.”

BVAA Training Courses

Peter delivers in-house, online and classroom-based training on a diverse range of courses, including a new course on Hydrostatic Testing. The two principal courses he delivers are:

Introduction to Valves

A unique foundation course, giving a very broad introduction to valves and actuators. It explains the diversity of different valve types, what they are used for and takes a closer look at the general principles of testing and standards.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is relatively new to the industry or moving jobs within it.
  • End users, working in plants or at engineering contractors.
  • Suppliers providing components or materials to the pressure equipment industry.

Advanced Valves

Covers the engineering and regulatory aspects of the industry in much more detail.

Who should attend?

People with a technical background in sales, engineering or applications. It is ideal for those wanting to gain a better understanding of more detailed aspects of the design and performance of valves and materials.

This is a 2-day course, with a dinner on the first evening. We also do a pre-course survey to see what each delegate is interested in, so we can better tailor the content. 

Why BVAA Training?

BVAA is brand independent. The training is class leading, because it comes from within the industry, with no bias towards any one manufacturer’s products or design solutions.

The graphics and range of physical models come from various BVAA members and are as current and authentic as you can get. 

Why invest in staff training – Online or Face-to-face?

The main advantage is that it provides employees with a breadth of knowledge across the industry. Delegates can then use this knowledge and apply it to their own company’s products and bring new ideas or potential new solutions to problems. It also improves safety. Furthermore, the training is CPD certified, demonstrating that an employee has attained a level of knowledge.

View our full range of BVAA Training here.

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